How To Apply

How To Apply Hair Extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are instant, they could be fitted at home in minutes without any help from a hair stylist. It is thought to be the easiest of all systems to apply and remove. Its easy and simply to wear. Just follow the below instruction and you can dramatically change your look with no long-term commitment by adding these beautiful hair extensions to your own hair.

Part hair starting at the bottom of the head. Leave enough hair down at the nape and around the perimeter to cover the hair extensions.

Snap the extensions to the roots of your own hair. Make another parting, laying more hair down and repeat. Use the small piece at the nape then moving towards the crown using the larger piece.

Use the smallest pieces for the sides. Leave enough of your own hair out on top to lay over the extensions. Cut, blend and style as desired.

Free Wig Cap
Free Wig Cap
A wig cap will be provided, free of charge, per wig purchased for your convenience!
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