Style/Face Shape Guide

See which styles suit your face shape best.

Oval - Lucky You

You have the perfect face shape! Almost every style will look fabulous on you!

Round - Slim it with linear styles

You have a circular form. Choose a style that has an off-centre parting, with soft, curly side fringe and wear longer styles to lengthen the face.

Oblong - Balance with waves

You have a long, narrow face. Choose a mid-neck style with fringes sweeping from one side across the forehead to the other. This will add face width and reduce length. Curly or wavy styles will also give volume to balance a narrow face.

Square - Add softness

You have an angular jawline with square eyebrows. The goal is to soften them. Choose a style that has hair moving towards the face and a chin- to shoulder- length. Loose curls will also add dimension and soften the square face.

Heart - Add volume at chin

You have prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. The goal is to make the forehead look smaller and the jawline wider. Choose a style with a side parting with soft fringes to sweep across your forehead. Medium length styles with fullness at the bottom (such as curls) will also help balance your face.

Pear - Add width at eye level

You have a narrow forehead and wide chin. Choose a style with volume at the temples but brushing away from the ear. This should help widen your forehead and narrow you chin.

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